YouTube it right!

Everything from Unspeakable to beer pong videos, people around the world watch over 1 billion hours of YouTube every day.

So as a business how do you get a piece of the You Tube pie?

YouTube’s algorithms

YouTube’s algorithms have changed a lot over years, all the way dating back to optimising for watch time and satisfaction but what are they up to these days?

In 2021, it’s all about personalisation, performance and your overall audience’s interests. To determine the positioning of your content, YouTube’s algorithms are busy selecting videos with two goals in mind:

  1. whether or not it’s the right video for the viewer
  2. if it’s enticing them to continue watching.

With these goals in mind, YouTube’s algorithms rely on keywords to decide what your video is about, so make sure you’re specific and concise when it comes to adding your keywords.

For performance, another crafty algorithm will test the likelihood of your viewers’ interest in your content based on click-through rate, watch time, survey feedback and likes. If your content appears to be watchable and relevant to your keywords, this will keep those pesky algorithms satisfied and your content will appear more frequently to similar audiences.

Don’t forget about timing!

Funky Blue Bear recommends the best times for posting videos on YouTube are between 2pm and 4pm with the highest traffic being from 7pm-10pm on Thursdays and Fridays.

If you’re posting over the weekend, 10am and 11am tends to be better.

What videos are popular on YouTube?

Entertaining your audience is the essential ingredient when it comes to pleasing YouTube’s algorithms.

In terms of the content itself, this can vary and is slightly different to other platforms as it’s suggested the most popular videos on YouTube can be broken down into categories from food to gaming, to music to travel.

To help you with your own content, humour ranks high in terms of videos, closely followed by reviews, vlogs and tutorials.

Now let’s get your YouTube videos viewed…

  • Utilise YouTube Analytics to explore what other videos your audience is interested in and watching.
  • Do your keyword research and use accurate, concise language that your audience is already familiar with.
  • Include an enticing video thumbnail that invites your audience to click through.
  • End with a call to action at the end of your video e.g. subscribe to view more

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