TikTok Tips 2021

TikTok is the new hip and happening social media platform that is taking Gen Z by storm but don’t make the mistake of forgetting it’s also popular with older demographics and silver surfers.

Hot off the Funky Blue Bear press we are going to give you a small insight into getting ahead with TikTok.

All about the Algorithm

According to TikTok, their algorithms are mainly based on the performances and activity of your audience. Performance and activity can be influenced by a number of factors from the video length, current trends, hashtags and how you engage with other creators.

TikTok’s algorithm rewards videos watched from start to finish, so ideally videos between 15-20 seconds should be a decent length.

Trending effects such as visuals, stickers and transition features are believed to help keep TikTok’s algorithms happy, particularly effects that are popular.

Like many other platforms, TikTok loves trending hashtags. To help you find the most relevant hashtags for your brand, their Discover Tab is a great place to start.

Combine your relevant and trending hashtags with effects and you’ll be away with the TikTok fairies..in a good way!

What are the best times to post?

It’s TikTok time! The best times for publishing to TikTok can vary depending on your audience but luckily, the platform’s Pro Account tool provides you with access to activity reports for your followers.

As a rough guideline the best posting periods are during the early morning and late evening. Depending on the day of the week, for example, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays appear to be optimum times to post.

What content should you be posting?

TikTok loves new products or campaign teases, videos that educate and inspire your audience, tips and tricks; posts that tell a story and share your audience’s interests.

In Short

  • Hashtags: do your research and use those that are popular and relevant
  • Create shorter videos that your audience are likely to watch from start to finish
  • Utilise trending effects
  • Engage with other creators – it is a social platform after all!
  • Post when your audience is active

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