Using Instagram for Growth

Using Instagram for Growth is a massive part of what we do here at Funky Blue Bear. We have huge respect for this social media platform and the power it has to help grow a business. Instagram works by showcasing your blog, art, talent through visual inspiration. This in turn can help drive a much … Continue reading Using Instagram for Growth

Tweet, Tweet, Tweet

Use Twitter!! Twitter is an intelligent, current social stream that begs for current and breaking content. With a whopping 152 million daily active users, you really can’t forget about Twitter as a business. Funky Blue Bears advice would be to establish the likes of Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin then work on narrowing down your business's … Continue reading Tweet, Tweet, Tweet

YouTube it right!

Everything from Unspeakable to beer pong videos, people around the world watch over 1 billion hours of YouTube every day. So as a business how do you get a piece of the You Tube pie? YouTube’s algorithms YouTube’s algorithms have changed a lot over years, all the way dating back to optimising for watch time … Continue reading YouTube it right!

Facebook for Business

Recently Facebook has made it even harder for businesses to reach their audiences organically, the new platform tends to prioritise content from users' friends and family members over business pages. In a nutshell, the algorithms will prioritise content from the followers you engage with and those you comment on, like and message (where appropriate). They … Continue reading Facebook for Business

Let us talk LinkedIn

Let us take a look at LinkedIn shall we? Like any social media platform there is a formula for getting the most out of it for your business. LinkedIn is no different from all the others. LinkedIn’s algorithms measure a variety of factors to make predictions about how relevant your content will be for your … Continue reading Let us talk LinkedIn