Digital Marketing

If you have an amazing product or service and the world needs to see it, Funky Blue Bear can provide you with the results you need.

Our Digital Marketing campaigns are designed to provide our customers with increased sales, business and exposure.

Why Market Yourself Online ?

Cost – It will cost you much less to get a new customer with online marketing than it would using traditional methods, such as print or TV advertising.

Reach – It’s as easy to sell to a customer in the USA as it is to sell to a customer based in the UK. Digital advertising gives you access to the whole World.

Accountability and Measurability – Never in the history of marketing have we had so much insight into what campaigns and ads are bringing in the revenue and what ones simply waste your advertising budget.

Keep Up With The Competition – Unless you serve a hyper local market you better have an online presence. Customers expect it, if you’re not online most will look elsewhere.

Personalisation – Give them what they want, automatically change what a user sees based on what they have seen or actions they have taken in the past.

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