Google Analytics

Funky Blue Bear loves Google Analytics!

This specialist Google business tool can be used to understand how much traffic is coming into your website and how users are engaging with your website and what areas you need to improve on.

Sometimes the information and data provided is not always easy to understand. This is where Funky Blue Bear comes in!

We love to help! So we are going to break down each component in your report so you can understand what everything means and ways to improve.


Sessions mean the number of times a user was active on your website. A session will reset after every 30 minutes when they are no longer active, or at the end of each day.

Every time a user visits your website it will be recorded as a session and if they return the same day, then that is recorded as a new session.


The user data represents unique visitors to your website, so if a user visits your website 2 or 3 times that day It will record as 1 unique user visit and will not record the repeat visits from the same user from the same IP Address.

Page Views

Page views gives you the data on the number of pages that have been viewed on your website. This will record all users page visits for every session.

Pages & Sessions

This tells you the average number of pages a user is visiting for each session on your website.

Average Session Duration

This tells how long on average a user spends on your website during a session.

Bounce Rate

This is a very important one, data that can give you insight into how well your website is structured for use. Bounce Rate tells you the percentage of users who visit your website and just click away and don’t bother engaging with your website and visiting any other pages.

A good average rate is 40 to 60 percent.

Percentage of New Sessions

This tells you the estimated percentage of sessions that have come from new visitors.


Google Analytics is by far the best way to see how your website is performing and at Funky Blue Bear we send you these weekly reports to help you understand how your website is performing.

If you are seeing good numbers in your sessions and users then you should be seeing the benefits in your business and means you’re website is well optimised, marketed and is attracting traffic to your website.

If you are receiving low numbers, then you really need to be marketing your website to bring the traffic to your website. This can be achieved by search engine optimisation, digital marketing or various promotions or advertising to drive customers to your website.

If you need any help or support on your reports and improve your stats, then contact us at