Funky Blue Bear Social Media Tips!

Here at Funky Blue Bear we continue to emphasise the importance of relationships. Social media in Doncaster is growing rapidly for businesses. How to use the platforms is something which businesses in Doncaster and the UK often fall short.

Modern small, medium and large businesses need to recognise that it is critical to build great relationships with audiences.

One of the best ways to do that is through social media.

Here are five quick tips from Funky Blue Bear on what you should be implementing!

Build Organic Relationships

Over the past few years, people have become more and more suspicious of advertisers. They don’t trust companies they don’t know, and they are constantly worried they might be taken advantage of. Many people are worried about the protection of their privacy and fake news.

Building a trusting and organic relationship with your audience is key.

They can tell if you’re trying to trick them into trusting you, so sincerity and honesty are essential.

Most customers trust the testimony of other people more than advertisers. Ninety percent of consumers believe recommendations from people they know, and seventy percent believe other consumers’ opinions.

Regardless of if they know them or not, input from other consumers is more trustworthy to most people than anything an advertiser has to say.

By building genuine organic relationships, you’re making your brand more personable and creating a human connection with your audience. They will feel like they can trust you more if you are focused on the relationship more than the sale.

Use Influencer Impact

No matter what platform you are on, content creators have a massive impact on their own audiences, including influencing the companies they patronise. Take advantage of this pull and work with influencers. Find a creator whose content is related to your brand and have them promote your product and be an enthusiastic ambassador for your company.

Create Live Content

Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok, and lots of other platforms all have live streaming options now, and they want those capabilities to be used. Live streaming has become more popular than ever, as users search for a way to feel connected while isolated.

Live video content is a great way for you to engage with your audience in real time. Host Q&As, product launches, behind-the-scenes, interviews, and more. No matter what you’re streaming, live content makes your brand appear more personable and allows your people to really get to know the people behind your brand.

Speak Out About Social Issues

Between COVID-19 and the Black Lives Matter movement, social issues are at the forefront of many consumers’ minds.

Acknowledge the significant issues your customers are facing and show your support. With meaningful and educational content regarding the topic as it relates to your business, your audience will see that you are concerned about real issues.
While impartial used to mean professional, it now runs the risk of coming off as tone deaf, so choose your causes and your stances wisely.

Diversify Your Social Media Presence

By now, most brands know they have to utilise the biggest social media platforms simultaneously to have the greatest impact on their audience. Although new arrivals come and go every year, you can rest assured your time is well spent establishing a substantial presence on them on the core platforms. They aren’t going anywhere.

The effort you expend to develop a relationship with users on different platforms is extremely worthwhile. You can reach different audiences depending on the platform you use, and each site has its own features and can showcase a different side of your brand personality.

Depending on the type of content you are posting, you can decide which platform it is best suited for. Long videos should go on YouTube. Shorter ones on TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Be Creative

Above all else here at Funky Blue Bear we celebrate creativity. The more creative your approach the more interested your audience will be.

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